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The Seneca College Baccalaureate Degree Project Repository is a collection of selected final projects from students in the degree programs. Each degree program develops their own criteria by which a project is selected for the repository.

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Submission Procedures for Faculty:

1. Faculty distributes and collects the consent form from the student. Blank copies of the consent form are available from:

2. Faculty sends an electronic copy of the project to If the project is not available in electronic format or has non-electronic components, they may contact the same email address to make alternate arrangements.

3. Faculty sends the consent form either in electronic format to or through inter-office mail to Jennifer Peters, Newnham Campus Library. Faculty are encouraged to retain a photocopy of the consent form for their records.

4. Once the consent form and project are received by the library:

a. the consent form will be archived in a secure repository (to protect the personal information on the form).
b. the student’s name will be removed from the project if the corresponding box is checked on the student consent form.
c. marks or grades will be removed from the project copy posted to the repository.
d. the library will perform any further digitization, scanning, imaging, removal of copyrighted content, etc. required.
e. a catalogue record will be created for the project, and the item will be uploaded to the Project Repository.

5. After a period of eight years the library will contact program chairs to ask if they would like the item to remain in the collection or be withdrawn.

Time required for upload of thesis to repository:

For questions about procedures or policies, please contact:

Joy Muller
Manager, Seneca@York and Markham Libraries, and Copyright, Seneca Libraries
ext. 7524 (Markham) 3042 (York)

For technical questions, please contact