New Books and Videos at Seneca Libraries

Please note that this page will be revised following the Winter 2017 semester due a new system.

Seneca Libraries publishes new book and video lists every year in April and October. Click on a title to see the list of new titles from a particular school / centre.

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Accounting & Financial Services rss feed
Includes: Accounting, Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Information Technology, Accounting and Payroll, Business – Insurance, Business Administration - Accounting and Financial Planning, Business Administration - Financial Planning Specialization, Financial Services Compliance Administration, Financial Services Management, Financial Services Underwriting, Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting, International Accounting and Financ, Professional Accounting Practice, Public Administration – Municipal, Municipal and Corporate Administration, Real Property Administration

Arts & Science rss feed
Academic Upgrading - College Preparation for Adults, Academic and Career Entrance - The Alternative Learning Lab, College Opportunities (CAP), College Vocational (CVP), General Arts and Science (GAP), General Arts (GEA), Liberal Arts (LAT), Redirection Through Education - Work on Track

Animal Health - see Health Sciences

Aviation rss feed
Includes: Airline Pilot Flight Operations, Aviation Safety, Aviation Operations, Aviation Technology

Biological Sciences & Applied Chemistry rss feed
Includes: Applied Science and Technology Fundamentals, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology Advanced, Biotechnology Technologist, Chemical Engineering Technology, Chemical Laboratory Technician, Chemical Laboratory Technology, Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations

Built Environment / Civil Engineering Technology / Mechanical Engineering Technology rss feed
Includes: Building Systems Engineering Technician, Building Systems Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technician, Civil Engineering Technology, Energy Management, Environmental Technician, Environmental Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technician, Mechanical Techniques, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Project Management - Environmental, Urban Land Regeneration

Business Management rss feed
Includes: Business Administration – Entrepreneurial and Small Business, Business Administration – Financial Planning, Business Administration – Management, Business Administration – Operations Management, Business Administration – Purchasing and Supply Management, Business Administration – Retail Management, Business Fundamentals, Business Office Skills, Green Business Management, Nonprofit Leadership and Management, Pre-Business

Community Services rss feed
Includes: Behavioural Sciences, Child and Youth Worker, Social Service Worker, Social Service Worker - Gerontology, Social Service Worker - Immigrants & Refugees

Creative Arts & Animation rss feed
Includes: 3D Animation, Acting for Camera and Voice, Animation, Art Fundamentals, Documentary and Non-Fiction Media Production, Game Art and Animation, Graphic Design, Independent Digital Photography, Independent Illustration, Independent Music Production, Interactive Media Design, Independent Songwriting and Performance, Visual Effects for Film and Television

Early Childhood Education rss feed (Child Development, Early Childhood Education)

Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology - please see Information and Communications Technology

English & Liberal Studies rss feed
Includes: Arts, Business, Careers, Computing, Current Events, Economics, English as a Second Language, Environment / Geography / Travel, Fine Art / Design, Gender Studies, Health, History, Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science / Government, Psychology, Religion, Science, Sociology, Writing

English & Liberal Studies, Seneca@York Programs rss feed

Fashion rss feed
Includes: Cosmetic Techniques and Management, Esthetician, Esthetics and Spa Event Management - Event and Exhibit Design, Fashion Arts, Fashion Business, Fashion Business Management, Fashion Studies, Floral Design, Visual Merchandising Arts

Fire Protection Engineering rss feed (Firefighter, Pre-Service, Fire Protection Engineering Technician, Fire Protection Engineering Technology)

Health Sciences rss feed
Includes: Animal Health, Nursing, Opticianry, Practical Nursing, Pre-Health Science

Human Resources rss feed
Includes: Business Administration – Human Resources, Human Resources Management, Human Resources Strategy and Technology

Information and Communications Technology rss feed
Includes: Computer Networking and Technical Support, Computer Programmer, Computer Programming and Analysis, Computer Systems Technology, Database Application Developer, Informatics and Security, Internet Systems Administration, Software Development, Project Management - Information Technology; Applied Electronics Design, Applied Science and Technology Fundamentals, Control Systems Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technician, Electonics Engineering Technology

International Business rss feed
Includes: International Business Administration, International Business Management, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Transportation and Customs

Legal & Public Administration / Office Administration rss feed
Includes: Court and Tribunal Administration, Law Clerk, Library and Information Technician, Public Administration, Office Administration, Paralegal, Real Property Administration

Leisure - see English & Liberal Studies

Liberal Arts & Academic Partnerships - see Arts & Science

Marketing rss feed
Includes: Business – Marketing, Business Administration – Information Systems, Business Administration – Marketing, Brand Management, Creative Advertising, Event Marketing, Marketing Management, Social Media

Media rss feed
Includes: Corporate Media Production, Journalism, Pre-Media, Broadcasting

Public Safety rss feed
Includes: 911 Emergency Communications, Advanced Investigations & Enforcement, Police Foundations

Recreation & Environmental Studies rss feed
Includes: Environmental Landscape Management, Fitness & Health Promotion, Golf Course Technician, Recreation & Leisure, Recreation Facilities Management, Therapeutic Recreation, Underwater Skillos

Tourism & Hospitality rss feed
Includes: Flight Services, Hospitality Foundations, Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant, Tourism and Travel, Tourism - Travel Operations

Underwater Skills - see Recreation & Environmental Studies