Persistent Links

General Information

Seneca Libraries offers access to a large library of online resources (98 000+ full-text online periodicals, 578 000+ full-text online books, 136 000+ streamed videos). Although copying for class distribution is occasionally allowed (please check with the copyright staff at or x77527), sharing files through email is generally forbidden. However, sharing hyperlinks to files is permitted and encouraged. The manuals below will provide you with the necessary information to create persistent links.

Persistent links provide an advantage over the standard copy-and-paste web browser address bar links because they are stable or “persistent” over time. Web browser address links are often search-session-specific and become non-functional in a short period of time.

You can create direct links to a variety of online content such as:

  1. Full-text articles and citations from newspapers, magazines, journals or reference works
  2. Periodical titles (title level access to journals, magazines, newspapers)
  3. Full-text books
  4. Streamed videos in some of our video databases
  5. User-defined searches (a link that launches a pre-defined search which retrieves “fresh hits” each time it is clicked)
  6. Specific databases
  7. Library system records (direct links to holdings information for items held in Seneca Libraries)

Your starting point is Seneca Libraries at From there, you can access a complete list of databases through “Databases”.


Instructions to Obtain Persistent Links

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are working within Blackboard (MySeneca), you MUST use the "Add URL" function to embed a persistent link into your Course Page. If you just paste the link into the description of an item, the link may not work.

ACM Digital Library Gale "InfoTrac" Databases Open Access Journals (DOIs)
AdForum Gale "in Context" Databases Ovid
Britannica Online HRInsider Oxford Art Online
CRC ENGnetBASE (Taylor & Francis) IBISWorld Oxford Reference
CultureGrams IEEE (ASPP and POP) ProQuest Databases JSTOR Publication Titles (Journals, Magazines)
Databases (Persistent Links for Product Access) Kanopy QP Briefing
desLibris Lexis Advance Quicklaw (new platform) Safari Books Online
Ebook Central LexisNexis (ending 31 July 2019; see Nexis Uni below) Safetyhub
EBSCO Databases Library Search (Seneca Libraries) SAGE Journals
Engineering Case Studies Online ScienceDirect
Europa World MarketLine Advantage Skillsoft Books (formerly known as Books24x7)
Films on Demand McNabb Connolly Streaming Video Collection Statista
Frontier Life Nexis Uni (new LexisNexis platform, July 2019) Taylor & Francis Journals Techstreet Enterprise
  OHSInsider Wiley Online Library Journals