A collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks (sound recordings of books in digital file format). Files may be downloaded to a computer and may then be transferred to many mobile electronic devices, or in some cases to CDs, for offline use. (Link to Resource)

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Fiction, Nonfiction, Business, Finance, Health, Medicine, Literature, Science, Engineering, Technology, Computers, Humanities, Social sciences
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E-Audiobooks, E-Books
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Indexed: 1604, Full-Text: Full-Text E-Books: 764, E-Audiobooks: 840
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Indexed: 2002 to present (Release date), Full-Text: 2002 to present (Release date)
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Temporarily transfer files to a mobile electronic device or, in some cases, to a CD.
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Access to the Seneca OverDrive site is open to anyone from anywhere via the World Wide Web. However, in order to add titles to a cart and check them out, users are required to enter a valid Seneca College e-mail username and password.
E-Book downloading requires Adobe Digital Editions software be available on your computer and you must create a personal Adobe account. Adobe Digital Editions is available on campus computers and is a free download for your personal computer.

E-Audiobook listening requires the OverDrive Media Console software be available on your computer. It is not available on campus computers, but is a free download for your personal computer.

All titles are one-copy/one-user-at-a-time titles in a check-out system. Users may place a request for titles that are currently checked out by other users.