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Canadian Points of ViewCanadian content
(EBSCO) Provides access to essays with differing points of view on current issues. Essays include an overview, arguments, counter arguments and a guide to Critical Thinking.
(ProQuest) Contains reports on 202 countries and cultures, focusing on 25 categories including history, personal appearance, gestures, family, recipes, economy, and more.
Diversity Studies Collection
(Gale) Provides access to a large multidisciplinary collection of journals exploring the cultural differences, contributions and influences of the global community.
Europa World
(Taylor and Francis / Routledge) Provides access to political and economic information on over 250 countries and territories.
Gender Studies Collection
(Gale) Provides access to research and writings on gender studies, family and marital issues, and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) life.
Humanities Source
(EBSCO) Over 2000 full-text periodicals and books in humanities disciplines.
Ipsos News CentreCanadian content
(Ipsos) Public opinion poll results, market research, news, and press releases from the Ipsos Group (in Canada, Ipsos Reid), useful for marketing, advertising, business, and social science researchers.
JSTOR - Arts and Sciences I, II, III, IV, and VII Collections
(ITHAKA) Provides access to a multidisciplinary collection of over 850 journals in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.
Opposing Viewpoints in Context
(Gale) Provides access to a comprehensive resource offering differing points of view on current social issues with pro and con articles, topic overviews and biographies of social activists.
Our OntarioOpen Access databaseCanadian content
(Knowledge Ontario) Find digital photos, maps, videos, podcasts, and documents about Ontario people, places, events, history and culture from the collections of Ontario libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, community groups, government agencies, and content organizations.
Pop Culture Collection
(Gale) Provides access to popular magazines for use in the social sciences, history, art or liberal arts courses.
Pop Culture Universe
(EDU Reference / ABC-CLIO ) A digital library of information and book content on American and world popular culture, past and present. Useful for research on the history, events, trends, and fads of specific decades or historical eras.
Powerspeak Languages
(Gale) Interactive language learning: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean, as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) for speakers of Spanish and Mandarin.
Psychology Collection
(Gale) Provides access to a broad range of sources on the subject of psychology.
SAGE Journals
(SAGE Publications) A collection of full-text online scholarly journals in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.
ScienceDirect(Please note: Full-text is not available for all content. To limit to full-text, click Advanced Search > Source > Subscribed journals or Subscribed books (depending on what tab you are in).
(Elsevier) Provides users with access to a wide range of journal articles and full-text e-books in Health and Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Computers and Technology, and the Social and Behavioural Sciences.
SocINDEX with Full Text
(EBSCO) Contains useful information encompassing the broad spectrum of sociological study.
Wiley Online Library Journals(Please note: Full text is not available for all content and, unfortunately, there is no way to limit a search to our subscribed content only. When you run a search, only those results with an open padlock next to them are content to which we subscribe. Also, the "Request Permissions" links within search results are not applicable to Canadian institutions. For information on permitted use, please see the Licensing Terms under "More Info" or contact
(Wiley) Over 1300 full-text journals in the humanities, social, sciences, and the pure and applied sciences.
World History Collection
(Gale) This collection contains the work of established historians as well as emerging scholars, of interest to both novice and advanced researchers.
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