Databases for Research: All (listed alphabetically)

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Canadian content - contains a significant amount of Canadian content
Open Access database - no login required (open access)

Warning: Citations provided by databases may not be in the correct citation style for your program. See Citing Sources for additional information.

(ProQuest) Provides in-depth coverage of business conditions, trends, corporate strategies and tactics, management techniques, competitive and product information, and a wide variety of other business topics.
Academic OneFile Canadian content
(Gale) Provides access to a large multi-disciplinary collection of more than 5100 magazines, journals, newspapers, podcasts and transcripts (NPR, CNN, CBC).
Academic Search Premier
(EBSCO) Provides access to a large multi-disciplinary database of more than 3900 magazines, journals, newspapers and trade publications.
AccessScience - McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
(McGraw-Hill) Provides science & technology encyclopaedic entries, including recent research developments, biographies of scientists, and late-breaking science and technology news.
ACM Digital Library
(Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)) Provides research, trade and education information pertaining to computer science and information technology.
AdForum Canadian content
(Maydream Inc.) Information on over 20,000 agencies and 120 000 ad campaigns (tv, print, interactive, etc.) from around the world. Also includes information about advertising award winners and jobs in the fields of advertising and design.
Aerospace Database Canadian content
(ProQuest) Provides access to citations, abstracts of journal articles covering basic and applied research in aeronautics, astronautics and space science.
Alt HealthWatch
(EBSCO) Provides information focusing on the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness.
AP Images Canadian content
(AccuWeather / Associated Press) AccuNet/Associated Press Images contains over one million photographs dating back to 1845.
Applied Science and Technology Source
(EBSCO) Provides comprehensive research, recent projects and case studies, and news information in all areas of applied science and technology.
Art Museum Image Gallery (Please Note: The images contained in this database are strictly for educational use only. They cannot be used in marketing activities.)
(EBSCO) Provides access to over 165 000+ high quality images of art from ancient civilizations to contemporary times. The images are accompanied by descriptions and overviews, provenance data, and related multimedia. Please note: The images contained in this database are strictly for educational use only. They cannot be used in marketing activities.
ASTM Standards (Please Note: Our subscription is to the active standards only, not to historical or Redline versions, nor to any of the journals, papers, manuals, or books. Once in the database, click the "Standards" tab to retrieve the content to which we subscribe.)
(ASTM International) Standards and technical engineering information in a range of engineering disciplines including aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, environmental, geological, health and safety, industrial, materials science, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, soil science, and solar engineering.
BestCase Canadian content
(Thomson Reuters / Canada Law Book) Provides access to Canadian law reports, case summaries, unreported decisions and Canadian criminal cases dating back to 1898.
Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas Canadian content (Users must use their Seneca College email address to set up an account for themselves; non-Seneca email addresses will not work.)
(Intercultural Systems / Systemes Interculturels (ISSI), Inc.) Career and travel resources for those considering going abroad to study, volunteer, intern, teach, travel or work. Includes international career websites and directories, country guides, intercultural considerations, links to job boards, volunteer and intern listings, and job search advice.
Books24x7 (if you are using Internet Explorer and MySeneca, add * and * as "Trusted Sites" in Internet Options > Security)
(SkillSoft) Provides access to online versions of thousands of books in the fields of computer and information technology, business, and engineering (ITPro, BusinessPro, and EngineeringPro, respectively).
Britannica Online Canadian content
(Encyclopaedia Britannica) Provides access to Encyclopædia Britannica, as well as Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and the Britannica Book of the Year.
British Pharmacopoeia Online (Please Note: Our licence is for 5 concurrent users only. Please click "Log out" when you are finished.)
(The Stationery Office (TSO)) Online access to the print version of British Pharmacopoeia, standards for UK medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances.
Business Source Premier
(EBSCO) Provides access to one of the industry's most used business research databases of magazines, journals, newspapers, reports, profiles, case studies, books and trade publications.
Canada in Context Canadian content
(Gale) Provides access to Canadian content including biographies, news, essays and podcasts.
Canada's Information Resource Centre (CIRC) Canadian content
(Grey House) Online access to nine Grey House Reference tools: Canadian Almanac and Directory, Associations Canada, Financial Services Canada, Canadian Environmental Resource Guide, Canadian Parliamentary Guide, Governments Canada, Libraries Canada, History of Canada, and Canadian Who's Who.
Canadian Business Resource (CBR): Blue Book of Canadian Business Canadian content
(Canadian Newspaper Services International) The online version of the Blue Book of Canadian Business, offering corporate and executive profiles of top businesses.
Canadian Encyclopedia Online Open Access databaseCanadian content
(Historica) Provides access to information about Canadian personalities, places, events, history and achievements.
Canadian Literary Centre Canadian content
(EBSCO) Provides access to Canadian literary resources including: biographies, criticism, essays and book reviews.
Canadian Newsstand Canadian content
(ProQuest) Provides full-text access to 18 Canadian news sources.
Canadian Points of View Canadian content
(EBSCO) Provides access to essays with differing points of view on current issues. Essays include an overview, arguments, counter arguments and a guide to Critical Thinking.
Canadian Reference Centre Canadian content
(EBSCO) Provides access to Canadian and international magazines, newspapers, newswires, reference books and company information.
CANSIM Open Access databaseCanadian content
(Statistics Canada) Statistics Canada's key socioeconomic database, updated daily.
CARDonline Lite Canadian content
(Rogers Publishing) An online version of Canadian Advertising Rates and Data, providing advertising rates, data and media planning information for advertising, marketing, PR and communications professionals, including directory listings and contact names and numbers.
Career Cruising Canadian content
(Anaca Technologies Ltd.) Career Cruising provides access to career planning resources including: detailed occupation profiles, and comprehensive post-secondary education information.
CARL Plus (Customs Automated Reference Library) Canadian content
(Knotia Canada) Information for importers and customs brokers: relevant legislation, the complete Customs Tariff and schedules, administrative materials, case law and findings by Canadian courts and tribunals, selected US and international materials such as NAFTA legislation and US tariff and customs rulings, as well as the Compendium of Classification Opinions and the Harmonized System Explanatory Notes issued by the World Customs Organization. Includes TaxMatters@EY and Commodity Tax News newsletters.
Cataloger's Desktop (LIT Students: Contact your Program Coordinator regarding username and password access to this product; and note our licence is for 19 concurrent users only)
(Library of Congress) Cataloger's Desktop is an online cataloguing tool that provides online access to AACR2 Rules, MARC21 Formats, Subject Cataloging Manuals, Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, and more.
CBCA Business Canadian content
(ProQuest) Provides access to a broad range of Canadian business magazines, newspapers and journals.
CBCA Education Canadian content
(ProQuest) Provides access to core education literature in Canada.
CBCA Reference and Current Events Canadian content
(ProQuest) Provides access to a wide diversity of Canadian periodicals, ranging from academic titles to special interest publications to general magazines and news.
CCH Online Canadian content (Please note: This resource only works with Internet Explorer 6+)
(CCH) Online access to human resource management publications (CCH looseleaf services the Ultimate HR Manual and Canadian Labour Relations and Employment Topics, and their e-book series, HR Answers Now) and tax publications (Preparing Your Income Tax Returns).
Census of Canada Open Access databaseCanadian content
(Statistics Canada) Provides access to data from the most recent Census as well previous Census data back to 1996.
Chilton Auto Repair
(Cengage Learning) Do-it-yourself car repair manuals, searchable by year, make, and model.
CICA Handbook Canadian content
(Knotia Canada) Provides access to CICA (Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants) standards & guidance book collection.
CINAHL with Full Text (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Health Literature)
(EBSCO) Full-text research articles and clinical practice information in nursing and allied health disciplines.
Classification Web (Please note: Our licence is for 34 concurrent users only.)
(Library of Congress) Provides access to the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) schedules and subject headings.
Communication and Mass Media Complete (CMMC)
(EBSCO) Provides access to research in areas related to communication and mass media. Many journals have indexing, abstracts, and full-text from their first issues to the present.
Communications and Mass Media Collection
(Gale) Provides access to research in areas related to communications and mass media.
Computer Database
(Gale) Provides access to research, reviews and career information pertaining to the telecommunication, electronic, IT and robotic industries.
Contact Canada Life Science Search Engine Canadian content
(Contact Canada) The online versions of Contact Canada's Pharma and BioPharma Canada, Canadian Medical Technologies, and Canadian Biotechnology print directories, providing company profiles, contact information, and industry statistics.
CPI.Q. (Canadian Periodical Index) Canadian content
(Gale) Provides access to a comprehensive list of Canadian and international journals, magazines, biographies, and other reference sources. Includes selected Globe and Mail coverage.
(Taylor and Francis / CRC Press) A collection of electronic handbooks in civil, mechanical, industrial, electrical, electronic, environmental, mining, and general engineering.
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
(Taylor and Francis / CRC Press) Provides access to the most frequently used data in science, including the periodic table of the elements, basic constants and units, and geophysical data.
Criminal Justice Collection
(Gale) Provides access to legal publications with coverage of law enforcement, security and paralegal topics.
Culinary Arts Collection
(Gale) A collection of major cooking and nutrition magazines from 1980 to present. Coverage includes thousands of searchable recipes, restaurant reviews, and industry information.
(ProQuest) Contains reports on 202 countries and cultures, focusing on 25 categories including history, personal appearance, gestures, family, recipes, economy, and more.
Current Biography
(EBSCO) Provides access to over 25000 profiles and obituaries that have appeared in Current Biography since 1940 as well as over 19000 images.
Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online Open Access databaseCanadian content
(Library and Archives Canada) Provides access to authoritative biographical information about significant figures of Canada's past, including both detailed articles on Canada's major historical figures, and short articles on minor personages.
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) Open Access databaseCanadian content
(various) Free, full-text, quality-controlled scientific and scholarly journals, covering all subjects and many languages.
Dissertations & Theses: Abstracts and Indexes Canadian content
(ProQuest) Provides access to over 2 million abstracts and citations of doctoral dissertations and master theses from all disciplines.
Diversity Studies Collection
(Gale) Provides access to a large multidisciplinary collection of journals exploring the cultural differences, contributions and influences of the global community.
e-CPS - Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties Canadian content
(Canadian Pharmacists Association) e-CPS is the online edition of the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS). It contains information on proprietary and nonproprietary Canadian drugs for both medical specialists and patients. It also provides links to Health Canada advisories.
E-Laws Open Access databaseCanadian content
(Queens Printer for Ontario) Provides access to consolidated versions of most of Ontario's public statutes and regulations.
EBL (Please Note: Adobe Digital Editions software and the creation of a personal Adobe account are needed for e-book downloading.)
(Ebooks Corporation Limited) A database of e-books in a wide range of academic disciplines.
ebrary (Please Note: Titles may be single-user or multiple-user. Check the Seneca Library Catalogue for information on a specific title; if the words "1 user licence" are not indicated, the title is available for multiple simultaneous users.)
(ebrary) Full-text online access to books in the social sciences, pure and applied sciences, and humanities.
EBSCO eBook and Audiobook Collection (Please note: Users must set up their own "My EBSCOhost" account (free of charge) and also have Adobe Digital Editions (free download) and a personal Adobe account in order to check out e-book titles for extended use. Most titles in this collection are one-copy/one-user-at-a-time titles that are "signed out" for a seven-day period. Users may place a request for titles that are currently checked out by other users.)
(EBSCO) Provides access to a large collection of e-audiobooks and e-books, in art, business, computer science, education, history, literature, health and medicine, law, and the humanities and social sciences.
Education Research Complete
(EBSCO) Provides access to scholarly research and information relating to education, including all levels of education from early childhood to higher education, education specialties, curriculum instruction, administration, policy and funding.
Educator's Reference Complete
(Gale) Content focuses on educational principles, child development and psychology, and best practices in education. Technologies, developments, instruction and coaching breakthroughs are also covered.
Educators eCollection
(Gale) Current developments in education for educators and administrators, including new technologies and instruction and coaching techniques.
Environmental Studies and Policy Collection
(Gale) Provides access to comprehensive coverage of environmental topics from the perspective of the scientific community, governmental policy makers and corporate interests.
ERIC Canadian content (10 September 2012: Please see regarding the temporarily limited availability of full-text documents in this database.)
(EBSCO) The Education Resources Information Center: the world's largest source of education research.
eStatement Studies
(Risk Management Association (RMA)) Comparative financial data on over 800 industries gathered from more than 280,000 financial statements of financial institutions' borrowers and prospects.
Europa World
(Taylor and Francis / Routledge) Provides access to political and economic information on over 250 countries and territories.
Expanded Academic ASAP
(Gale) Provides access to a large multidisciplinary collection of more than 2100 journals, magazines and books.
Films on Demand
(Films Media Group) A streaming video collection of educational films from Films Media Group (Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Cambridge Educational, Meridian Education, and Shopware) covering a wide range of subject matter. Videos are available as Flash Video streams, but Windows Media and QuickTime formats are also available for most titles.
Financial Post Advisor Canadian content (displays best with the latest Internet Explorer web browser)
(Postmedia Network) Provides information on more than 4,500 Canadian companies, as well as business and financial insight. Financial Post Corporate Analyzer allows you to search for investment information on Canada's top 1,500 publicly traded companies.
Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia
(EBSCO) Provides access to a variety of general subjects with abstracts, full text and some images.
Gale Virtual Reference Library
(Gale) Provides access to a collection of e-books via a single searchable interface.
Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection
(Gale) Provides access to practical information as well as scientific theory of horticultural studies including gardening, landscaping, agriculture, and biotechnology.
Gender Studies Collection
(Gale) Provides access to research and writings on gender studies, family and marital issues, and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) life.
General BusinessFile ASAP
(Gale) An international database designed to provide access to 200,000 company profiles, thousands of investment reports, news and event coverage on companies, industries, products and executives, and information on business theory, economics and favored practices.
General Reference Center Gold
(Gale) Provides comprehensive answers to a wide variety of reference questions specifically designed for elementary and high school students.
General Science Collection
(Gale) Provides access to a wide range of articles in science-related fields.
Global Issues in Context
(Gale) Coverage of current global social, political, military, economic, environmental, health, and cultural issues and events.
(EBSCO) Provides access to 295,000+ abstracts and citations of scholarly, government and general interest articles covering environmental issues, with an additional 4600+ Open Source documents.
GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources)
(Gale) An interdisciplinary portal of information on the environment, sustainability, and emerging green technologies. May be searched by issue, organization, or country.
Health & Wellness Resource Center
(Gale) Provides access to all levels of health research from specific technical topics to general interest subjects including medicine, nutrition and fitness.
Health Source: Consumer Education Edition
(EBSCO) Provides access to information on many health topics including the medical sciences, psychology, food sciences and nutrition, childcare, sports medicine, health care law and general health.
Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
(EBSCO) Provides access to information on many health topics including the medical sciences, nursing and allied health.
HighWire Press Open Access database
(Stanford University Libraries) Provides access to over 2 million free online full-text articles, primarily in the life and physical sciences and medicine.
Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure Collection
(Gale) Provides coverage of both the historical and current state of affairs in the hospitality and tourism industry. Canadian content
(HRdownloads) Canada’s largest bank of online HR tools: hundreds of customizable HR policies, templates, forms and letters, as well as job descriptions, links to and summaries of legislation, metrics calculators, best practice guides, podcasts, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and policies in French.
Humanities Source
(EBSCO) Over 2000 full-text periodicals and books in humanities disciplines.
IEEE (ASPP) Full-text is not available for all content in our subscription. To limit to full-text, click Advanced Search and then check "Only show full text results included in my subscription." Conference Proceedings are not available.
(IEEE) Provides access to technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE).
Information Science and Library Issues Collection
(Gale) Provides access to articles on topics such as library research, information infrastructure, data processing techniques, metadata architectures and more.
InfoTrac Newsstand Canadian content
(Gale) A full-text database of over 2500 newspapers, newswire services, and news program transcripts from Canada, U.S. and abroad.
Insurance and Liability Collection
(Gale) Provides access to a collection focusing on the insurance industry including labour relations, mortgage banking, law and more.
Ipsos News Centre Canadian content
(Ipsos) Public opinion poll results, market research, news, and press releases from the Ipsos Group (in Canada, Ipsos Reid), useful for marketing, advertising, business, and social science researchers.
JSTOR - Arts and Sciences I, II, III, IV, and VII Collections
(ITHAKA) Provides access to a multidisciplinary collection of over 850 journals in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.
LawSource Canadian content
(Thomson Reuters / Carswell) Contains cases, legislation, the Canadian Abridgment Case Digests, and the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest.
Learn Ontario Open Access database
(Knowledge Ontario) Access to learning tutorials for popular and specialized software applications on a wide range of topics.
LexisNexis Academic Universe Canadian content
(LexisNexis) A large multi-tiered database of over 16,000 sources including newspapers, journals, wire services, newsletters, company reports and SEC filings, case law, government documents, transcripts of broadcasts, and selected reference works.
Library Literature and Information Science Full Text
(EBSCO) Provides access to library and information science-focused newspapers, magazines, journals, and trade publications.
(EBSCO) The Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) database provides coverage on subjects such as librarianship, classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information retrieval and information management.
Literary Reference Center and Canadian Literary Centre Canadian content
(EBSCO) Provides access to author biographies, literary criticism, book reviews, essays, plot summaries, poetry, short stories and novels.
Literature Resource Center
(Gale) Provides access to literary criticism, biographical information, interviews and reviews on more than 140,000 authors and their works.
MarketLine Advantage
(Informa / Datamonitor) Provides access to a comprehensive collection of business information on over 200 countries and 3500 industries. It contains in-depth information on over 30000 public and private companies, market data for consumer products, and news feeds.
MAS Ultra - School Edition
(EBSCO) Provides access to nearly 500 popular magazines including Discover, History Today, and Scientific American.
MasterFILE Elite
(EBSCO) Provides access to general reference books, biographies and a large image collection of maps and flags.
MEDLINE (EBSCO) Canadian content
(EBSCO) Provides access to information related to the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system and the pre-clinical sciences.
Merck Index
(Pharmaceutical Press / MedicinesComplete) Provides information on chemical substances including basic elements, compounds, reactions, human and veterinary drugs, biologicals, and natural products.
Migra's Canadian Export Guide Canadian content
(Migra International) Information for exporters, shippers, and logisticians on exporting from Canada to different countries, including regulatory and documentation requirements, definitions of terms, and international contact information.
Military & Government Collection Canadian content
(EBSCO) Provides access to current news pertaining to all branches of the military.
Military and Intelligence Database
(Gale) Provides access to a collection encompassing the broad spectrum of military and intelligence studies.
Mintel Reports (Please Note: Users must create a personal profile/account to use this service)
(Mintel International Group) Provides access to market research reports containing data and analysis of industry trends. Coverage includes U.S. and select International Markets including: food and drink, consumer goods, retail, finance, technology, leisure and travel.
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) plus CHEMINFO (CCINFO Web) Canadian content
(Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety) Provides information on issues pertaining to various chemical substances as well as occupational health and safety.
Music Online: Listening
(Alexander Street Press) Extensive online database of recorded music, accompanying liner notes, and some biographical information. Cross-searches a number of collections: American Song, Classical Music Library, Contemporary World Music, Jazz Music Library, and Smithsonian Global Sound.
National Academies Press Open Access database
(National Academy of Sciences) Provides access to a multidisciplinary digital library of book length studies and policy reports by leading experts in their fields.
NBC Learn
(NBCUniversal Media) Thousands of videos, historic newsreels, primary source documents and more, from NBC News and affiliated sources. Canadian content
(National Film Board of Canada) Public performance rights to selected films produced by the National Film Board of Canada. Documentaries, animations, alternative dramas, trailers, and interactive productions on the Web.
NFPA Codes Online (Please note: Our licence is for 20 concurrent users only.)
(National Fire Protection Association) Provides users with electronic access to the complete set of nearly 300 National Fire Codes.
NoveList Canadian content
(EBSCO) Provides descriptions and reviews of thousands of works of fiction, recommends similar titles and authors, and provides guides for book discussions. Note that the works described are not necessarily part of the Seneca Libraries collections.
NRC Research Press Canadian content
(Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research Press)) Provides access to journals published by the National Research Council and affiliated publishers.
O'Brien's Encyclopedia of Forms Canadian content
(Thomson Reuters / Canada Law Book) Downloadable and editable forms covering commercial and corporate law, leases, wills and trusts, Ontario Family Law proceedings, Ontario Court proceedings, labour and employment law, municipal law, and computers and information technology. Includes a Master Subject Index.
OAIster Open Access database
(OCLC) Provides access to a citation databases covering over 25 million online academic resources. The database includes both freely available and restricted online resources.
Ontario Government Documents Open Access databaseCanadian content
(Knowledge Ontario) Provides access to thousands of government documents from the collection of the Ontario Legislative Library. Allows simple searching, or browsing by titles, by ministry/agency, authors, subjects, or years. Note this collection does not contain all Ontario government documents. Documents have been taken from publicly accessible government websites and may have been reformatted from their original format for archiving purposes.
Open Access Theses and Dissertations Open Access database Canadian content
(Various sources) Advanced research and scholarship. Free to find, free to use. Records of graduate-level theses that are freely available online.
Opposing Viewpoints in Context
(Gale) Provides access to a comprehensive resource offering differing points of view on current social issues with pro and con articles, topic overviews and biographies of social activists.
Our Ontario Open Access databaseCanadian content
(Knowledge Ontario) Find digital photos, maps, videos, podcasts, and documents about Ontario people, places, events, history and culture from the collections of Ontario libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, community groups, government agencies, and content organizations.
Our Ontario Newspapers Open Access databaseCanadian content
(Knowledge Ontario) Community and historical newspapers of Ontario with content going back to the 1800s.
OverDrive (Please Note: Adobe Digital Editions software and the creation of a personal Adobe account needed for the downloading of E-Books. OverDrive Media Console software needed for E-Audiobooks. All titles are one-copy/one-user-at-a-time titles in a check-out system. Users may place a request for titles that are currently checked out by other users. Please consider returning books early if you are done with them.)
(OverDrive, Inc.) A collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks (sound recordings of books in digital file format). Files may be downloaded to a computer and may then be transferred to many mobile electronic devices, or in some cases to CDs, for offline use.
Ovid (MEDLINE, EBM Reviews) (Minimum Browser Requirements: Internet Explorer 7.0 and above or Firefox 3.0 and above)
(Wolters Kluwer) Provides access to a collection of health information resources.
Oxford Art Online Canadian content (Please note our subscription is for a maximum of 14 concurrent users only. Please click "Logout" in the top-right corner of the database when you are done.)
(Oxford University Press) Provides access to an extensive art collection including: Grove Art Online, the Oxford Companion to Western Art, Encyclopedia of Aesthetics and the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms.
Oxford Reference
(Oxford University Press) Provides access to over 220 Oxford reference books via a single Web interface.
Parliamentary Names and Numbers Canadian content
(Sources) This online resource gives instant access to up-to-date contact information for: Members of Parliament, Senators, Provincial & Territorial Legislators, Parliamentary Committees, Federal & Provincial Ministries, Canadian Embassies Abroad, Caucus & Critic Responsibilities, Lobbyists, Federal Agencies & Crown Corporations.
Passport GMID Academic (Global Market Information Database) Canadian content
(Euromonitor International) Provides access to global market analysis with comprehensive coverage of industries, countries and consumer trends.
PMB Product Data Canadian content
(Print Measurement Bureau) Market survey results on Canadians' use of over 3500 products and services. Information includes respondents' demographics, attitudes, media consumption, retail outlets, frequency of usage and, when sponsored, the brands they use.
Pop Culture Collection
(Gale) Provides access to popular magazines for use in the social sciences, history, art or liberal arts courses.
Pop Culture Universe
(EDU Reference / ABC-CLIO ) A digital library of information and book content on American and world popular culture, past and present. Useful for research on the history, events, trends, and fads of specific decades or historical eras.
Powerspeak Languages
(Gale) Interactive language learning: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean, as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) for speakers of Spanish and Mandarin.
PQDT Open Open Access database
(ProQuest from various sources) Read the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge.
Primary Search Canadian content
(EBSCO) Compiled specifically for elementary school students, this database provides access to articles, photos, maps, flags, and other content. It also includes The Encyclopedia of Animals, Funk and Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, and the American Heritage Children's Dictionary.
ProQuest Entrepreneurship
(ProQuest) A database for budding entrepreneurs containing journal, magazine, book, and video content; business cases; business plans; conference proceedings; market research; blog posts; dissertations; and company profiles.
ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source
(ProQuest) Provides access to information from leading nursing and nursing related publications.
ProQuest Science Journals
(ProQuest) Provides full-text access to a wide range of science and engineering journals, trade publications and news magazines.
Psychology Collection
(Gale) Provides access to a broad range of sources on the subject of psychology.
PubMed Open Access database
(National Center for Biotechnology Information) PubMed provides access to citations to journal articles included in MEDLINE, PREMEDLINE as well as general science and chemistry journal citations.
PubMed Central Open Access database
(National Center for Biotechnology Information) PubMed Central is a free digital archive of over 2 million articles from biomedical and life science journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH).
Quicklaw Core Canadian content
(LexisNexis) Access to Canadian court and tribunal case decisions, full-text legal journal articles, rules of court, statutes and regulations, and legal dictionaries and glossaries.
Regional Business News Canadian content
(EBSCO) Provides access to regional business publications.
Religion and Philosophy Collection
(Gale) Provides access to a collection of magazines and journals covering religion, philosophy, and anthropology.
Safari Books Online (Please Note: Our licence is for 20 concurrent users only.)
(ProQuest) Provides full-text access to thousands of information technology related books from many of the world's foremost IT publishers.
SAGE Journals
(SAGE Publications) A collection of full-text online scholarly journals in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.
Science in Context
(Gale) A multimedia approach to learning about popular science topics: news reports, journal and magazine articles, video, audio, photos, experiments, and reference materials.
ScienceDirect (Please note: Full-text is not available for all content. To limit to full-text, click Advanced Search > Source > Subscribed journals or Subscribed books (depending on what tab you are in).
(Elsevier) Provides users with access to a wide range of journal articles and full-text e-books in Health and Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Computers and Technology, and the Social and Behavioural Sciences.
Scott's Directories - National Business Canadian content (Please Note: Our licence is for 10 concurrent users only.)
(Scott's Directories) Provides access to a comprehensive directory of Canadian businesses with more than 350,000+ contacts from manufacturing, government, medical and education sectors.
Short Story Criticism
(Gale) Online access to the print version of Gale's Short Story Criticism series, offering analysis of short stories and other works of short fiction.
Small Business Collection
(Gale) Provides insights, tips, strategies and success stories for business students and entrepreneurs.
SMART Imagebase (Scientific and Medical Art)
(EBSCO) Thousands of medical illustrations, videos, interactive tools, and monographs of anatomy, physiology, embryology, surgery, trauma, pathology, diseases, conditions, and other topics.
SocINDEX with Full Text
(EBSCO) Contains useful information encompassing the broad spectrum of sociological study.
STAT!Ref (Please Note: Our licence is for 5 concurrent users only.)
(Teton Data Systems) Provides access to healthcare resources in a variety of disciplines including: nursing, nutrition, oncology and more.
Teacher Reference Center
(EBSCO) Provides access to citations and abstracts from popular teacher and administrator trade journals, periodicals, and books.
Theses Canada Portal Open Access databaseCanadian content
(Library and Archives Canada) Provides full-text access to Canadian theses and dissertations.
Toronto Star: Pages of the Past Canadian content
(ProQuest) Provides archival access to the Toronto Star, including all news stories, images, advertisements, classifieds, political cartoons, birth, and death notices.
(ProQuest) Ulrich’s is a bibliographic database providing detailed, comprehensive, and authoritative information on serials published throughout the world.
Ultimate HR Manual via CCH Online Canadian content (Please note: This resource only works with Internet Explorer 6+ and that our licence for Ultimate HR Manual is 10 concurrent users only)
(CCH) Online access to human resource management publications (CCH looseleaf services the Ultimate HR Manual and Canadian Labour Relations and Employment Topics, and their e-book series, HR Answers Now) and tax publications (Preparing Your Income Tax Returns).
(Wolters Kluwer) Physician-authored, evidence-based clinical decision support resource for nursing and medical professionals and those seeking medical information. Includes the Lexi-Interact Online guide to drug interactions as well as various medical calculators.
USP-NF Online (Please Note: Our licence is for 3 concurrent users only.)
(United States Pharmacopeial Convention) Provides the latest U.S. FDA standards of identity, strength, quality, and purity for prescription and non-prescription drug ingredients and dosage forms, dietary supplements, medical devices and other healthcare products.
Vocational Studies Complete
(EBSCO) Vocational Studies Complete provides comprehensive coverage of many relevant programs of study at the College. It covers more than 2100 full-text journals as well as nearly 350 full-text books that deal with such diverse programs as alcohol and drug abuse counselling, computer and data processing, cosmetology, fashion design, law enforcement, paralegal studies, travel and tourism, and more.
Vocations and Careers Collection
(Gale) Provides information on job searching, career choice, and education for careers, as well as access to industry-specific journals.
War and Terrorism Collection
(Gale) Provides access to articles covering current events, international affairs and foreign policy.
WARC (World Advertising Research Center)
(World Advertising Research Center) Over 25 000 articles, case studies, research reports and summaries covering all areas of marketing communications (advertising, consumer research, brand management, product categories, media planning, etc.)
Weissmann Online Canadian content
(Northstar Travel Media) Provides online travel information with coverage on every country in the world, including more than 200 cities and cruise ports in depth, a global network of correspondents, and and in-house staff of knowledgeable, well-traveled writers and editors.
(Worth Global Style Network) A fashion and style forecasting service providing fashion trend information, market analysis, retail news, store window and other images, textiles and CAD design information, and trade and fashion show news.
Wiley Online Library Journals (Please note: Full text is not available for all content and, unfortunately, there is no way to limit a search to our subscribed content only. When you run a search, only those results with an open padlock next to them are content to which we subscribe. Also, the "Request Permissions" links within search results are not applicable to Canadian institutions. For information on permitted use, please see the Licensing Terms under "More Info" or contact
(Wiley) Over 1300 full-text journals in the humanities, social, sciences, and the pure and applied sciences.
World History Collection
(Gale) This collection contains the work of established historians as well as emerging scholars, of interest to both novice and advanced researchers.
WorldCat Open Access databaseCanadian content
(OCLC) Provides access to the world's largest 'library' catalog containing more than 1.3 billion items.

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