Meet Your Librarians

Your Liaison Librarians will:
  • provide your students with customized library instruction classes to enhance information literacy skills
  • build up-to-date, dynamic library collections relevant to the curriculum and research needs of Seneca's students and faculty
  • work with faculty and review online course outlines to ensure that key readings are available at each campus library
  • offer personalized sessions to familiarize faculty with library resources and services
  • offer training and assistance to locate course readings
  • collaborate to build research assignments
  • assist in integrating online library resources into your Blackboard course
  • attend faculty meetings

health icon Faculty of Applied Arts & Health Sciences

picture of James Buczynski
James Buczynski
picture of Adele Georgievski
Adele Georgievski
Community Services &
Health Sciences (SY, YG):
picture of Shanna Pearson
Shanna Pearson

health icon Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Technology

picture of Liana Giovando
Liana Giovando
picture of Rosalie Waller
Rosalie Waller
Aviation (Resources):

picture of Pamela Bolan
Pam Bolan

health icon Faculty of Business

picture of TBD
picture of Kathryn Klages
Kathryn Klages
Marketing; Hospitality and Tourism:

picture of TBD

health icon Faculty of Communication, Arts & Design

picture of James Buczynski
James Buczynski
picture of Joanna Blair
Joanna Blair
Fashion (Resources):

picture of TBD
Fashion (Teaching):

picture of Agnieszka Gorgon
Agnieszka Gorgon

health icon English & Liberal Arts; ELI; Arts and Science

picture of Michelle Gonzales
Michelle Gonzales

health icon Distance Learning / Flexible Learning / Academic Literacies

picture of Jennifer Peters
Jennifer Peters
picture of Agnieszka Gorgon
Agnieszka Gorgon
Icons: Global Market by Gregor Črešnar; Crop by Ismael Ruiz; compose by Rohith M S; chemistry flask by Bluetip Design (all from the Noun Project). All others are public domain.