Campus Libraries

Seneca Libraries provide registered users with access to an extensive collection of resources including books, periodicals, electronic databases and reference materials. Seneca Libraries are equipped with computers that allow users to research as well as prepare papers and presentations. Group study rooms are available for collaborative work.

General Questions and Location

General questions can be directed to (416) 491-5050 x55108 (King), x77521 (Markham), x22099 (Newnham) and x33055 (York). Check our Contact Us page for location and additional contact information.

Borrower Services

Collections at Seneca Libraries are available to faculty, staff, students and the community at large. Community borrowers are required to register and pay a yearly subscription in order to borrow resources. All borrowers must present a OneCard or library card when signing out library materials. For a full description of the terms and conditions associated with borrowing from Seneca Libraries, please refer to Borrower Services.

Media Services

Media Services provides access to an extensive collection of video and media resources, which may be borrowed for screening within the College, but may not be taken home. Advance bookings may be requested online, in person, or via telephone.


In Canada, all original creative works are protected by copyright. Only the copyright owner or its authorized licensees have the right to decide when and how the work is to be copied. Copyright protection is automatic upon the creation of a work, and applies whether or not a copyright statement appears on the material. For a full description of fines, please refer to Seneca College Copyright Policy.

Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms are available for booking. Study rooms can be booked online at

Special Needs Services

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Counselling and Special Needs Office to discuss their educational needs. Learning Strategist and Assistive Technologists are available for consultation. Selective library computers are equipped with specialty software (Magnifying Glass, Read Please 2003 and Word Web version 1.63).

Excessive Noise

Seneca Libraries staff reserves the right to remove students from the Seneca Libraries who are excessively noisy.

Food and Drink

The library permits food and drink, within reason, in all areas of the library.

The following food and drink are permitted:

The following food and drink are prohibited:

It is the responsibility of all library users to adhere to the food and drink permissions and to clean up after themselves. In the case of an accident, individuals are expected to make use of the Spill Kit, available from the Library Service Desk. Library users must also dispose of their trash in the appropriate garbage or recycling containers.


The Seneca Libraries adheres to Seneca College’s Non-Smoking Policy. Smoking is not permitted in the Seneca Libraries. (

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

As a courtesy to Seneca Libraries staff and fellow students, we ask that all cell phones and electronic devices be enjoyed with headphones or otherwise muted while in Seneca Libraries.

Personal Belongings and Valuables

Seneca Libraries are not responsible for loss or theft of personal belongings and valuables. Please do not leave money or valuables unattended.

Electronic Training Centres

Guidelines for the Newnham Library Classroom B2084.
Guidelines for the Electronic Training Centre 1112.


York University Keele Campus Map
Map of the Seneca@York Library and Computer Commons.