Guidelines for the Faculty & Staff Training Centre (ETC/FAST) S1112 (Seneca@York)

Who can use the room?

Faculty and staff may book the room for training. Students may use the room during times when it is not booked by faculty and staff. Students should check the booking sheet which is posted on the glass by the door to the classroom (subject to change).


Room 1112 is located in the Seneca@York Campus Seneca Libraries to the right of the Library Service Desk, next to the Learning Centre.

Hours of Operation

The Electronic Training Classroom is available during the hours that the Library and Computing Commons in open. Please consult the Library & Computing Commons Hours for current information.


This classroom is equipped with: projector; projection screen; electronic mouse; whiteboard. There is an instructor's computer station in addition to 40 computers for trainees.

Troubleshooting the Equipment/Software

Any problems with hardware or software should be reported to staff at the ITS Help Desk.

Booking S1112

Library, Organizational Effectiveness (PD) and ITS have priority. The earliest we will accept requests for the room from departments outside these three groups is Thursday, the week before the requested date(s). If, at that time, there is no instruction classes scheduled for the room, we will make it available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please contact Dina Paraftsis (extension 33055) or Jean Nasser (extension 33046).